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I am an American visiting England and I need emergency dental care. What do I do?

I don't have any medical insurance and don't qualify for their NHS, but I lost a tooth and am panicked. Do I just fork over the money and hope someone will help me?

I am an American visiting England and I need emergency dental care. What do I do?
you will have to see a private dentist. its not overly expensive though don't worry. look in a local phone book, or go to a NHS dentist surgery, they will give you contact numbers.
Reply:come to australia and we can start from there...
Reply:If you don't have insurance, then you can choose to pay for the care in England or do without. Keeping your teeth is a very good thing and to be encouraged.

Suggestions for someone with no insurance and low income needing dental care in the east central alabama area?

In almost every city there is a school of dentistry or at least in a city near by that has students in there last year of residency. This means they have to perform certain procedures in order to get their degree, I can assure you that what you need done someone needs to complete that procedure. They may pay for it out right or they will discount it so much that it'll seem wrong to only pay that little...

Suggestions for someone with no insurance and low income needing dental care in the east central alabama area?
Check with the nearest free clinic, some have dental services and the others will know what programs are available.
Reply:Not sure how far you are from Birmingham, but here is the website for the UAB School of Dentistry. It's an excellent school, considered one of the best in the nation.
Reply:Dental Treatment and Surgery is very cheap in India.There is one company that is very famous in India that arranges cosmetic surgery for foreigners in India.They are called the Forerunners Healthcare.I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories.I have also read that they arrange financing for american and canadian patients as cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance.They also have photos pasted of their International patients.You can checkout their website.The cost savings are incredible.As a doctor i personally believe that your dental surgery can be easily handled in India as the quality of healthcare available here is simply best in the world.The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.If you still havent got your surgery done,you are better off getting it done in India.

hope this helps
Reply:have you tried the chip or PCN program they provide free or low cost insurance. I am on it and its great.

So in what order are you supposed to do your dental care?

Are you supposed to floss first then brush then use mouthwash?

So in what order are you supposed to do your dental care?
Floss.Brush.Scrape the tongue.Use the mouthwash.


and before a date(if u have one)

use mouth wash
Reply:Yes. But before it all, scrape the tongue. Oh, and use Listerine, not some mamby-pamby mouthwash that doesn't kill germs.
Reply:My hygienist told me to floss then brush then use mouthwash. Flossing before brushing gets all the food particles that are stuck in your teeth loosened.
Reply:I always tell my patients that its best to floss first, the brush and if you choose to use mouthwash use it last. Most people have a hard time remembering to floss daily, but they remember to brush daily. So if you floss first and then brush, it is more likely that you will floss on a regular(daily) basis. Plus, when you floss it gets all of the plaque out between your teeth where your toothbrush cant reach. Then you can brush and rise the plaque away once you dislodge it with the floss. Hope this helps!

oh and brush your tongue too! :D
Reply:first you use mouthwash, then you brush, then you floss. after all that you scrape your tongue. there is a scraper tool you can buy at walmart to scrape your tongue with. its called a tongue scraper.

Fidel Castro gave his people universal free healthcare, education and dental care. What did Bush do?

Bush cut student aid for needy college students

During the Bush years, the cost of health care has gone up over 30%

During the Bush years, gas has gone up over 120%, but wages have remained stagnant.

Bush has sent thousands of young men to die in a war started on false pretenses.

Fidel Castro gave his people universal free healthcare, education and dental care. What did Bush do?
Everything stated is opinion, with no actual facts underlying any of it. Either answer question based on facts or don't answer anything at all. Report It

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Reply:hes also inhumane
Reply:True. In fact, we are the only industrialised nation without some sort of national health system.
Reply:Bush got elected.
Reply:He lied a lot, went on vacation a lot, and what else? Oh yeah, he choked on a pretzel, too.
Reply:made us the laughing-stock of the world, you know like that bully from the 3rd grade who everyone makes fun of but is still afraid of also. (no i wasn't bullied)
Reply:He didn't throw thousands of people in jail for disagreeing with him. I should think you would appreciate that personally.
Reply:He went on vacation!
Reply:"gave his people" -- thats really freak'n funny. No government ever GAVE anybody anything exept a tax bill. The ignorence is strong with you.
Reply:If no one seems to like George, why did he win 2 elections? I don't live in America, but I don't like him at all.
Reply:Bush is giving free healthcare, education and dental care to Iraqis.
Reply:He gave us 9 trillion in debt, fear and mistrust of foreigners, and a compromised Constitution...not bad for just under six years on the job.
Reply:If it so good why are Cubans comming here, and nobody is going there, huh?
Reply:Fidel also arrests and tortures at will and the only "freedom" there is the freedom that Fidel allows. But I'm sure if you print your question and ask to become a Cuban citizen, they would allow you to. I'd be happy to see you go.
Reply:What are you kidding me? Have you ever read about Cuba's economy? Ever read about Cuba's police force since the great Castro has been in power? I always heard that people in America asked these questions, but I never thought I would see one. Pick up a history book.
Reply:Raise taxes and sent the country to war to finish what his father started.
Reply:that is exactly why america has hated this small country for decades. We do buisness with China, who is a far larger threat to American interest. It is actually very sad that America has bullied this small nation for so long
Reply:Bush didn't put you in prison for disagreeing with him.
Reply:Let's see, Bush loves the Cuban people.

Castro screwed, tortured, and

murdered his people for the last 30 years. Bush is a complete

angel before God by comparison.

I Corinthians 13;8a, Love never fails!!!!!
Reply:oh yes Fidel is a wonderful health care consists of a band care...don't make me that's a good one....teach what Fidel wants you to know....equality in Cuba....yes they are all equally oppressed.
Reply:We as a country say many leaders are bad and do horible things. Fidel Castro has done many bad things but he also has done positive things for his country. It is even our country and our scantions against them that causes a lot of harm to Cuba.

Bush hasn't done anything for this country except make people want to leave, and put our country in the worst situation ever. Hopefully we can get out of this situation, and soon.
Reply:The Coast Guard announced today that they would step up patrols between Florida and Cuba. There is concern that people will increase their efforts to LEAVE Cuba if Castro dies soon.

Cuba is not the paradise you think it is. It is a communist dictatorship ruled by a strong man. There has been no free change of government in 47 years. Free healthcare, education and dental care apparently are no substitute for plain old freedom.
Reply:Clinton tried that crap and we don't want it. Got it? you want free healthcare move to cuba
Reply:He cannot afford to do all of that, we sent it all to Israel.
Reply:sign a new agreement to give the free healthcare, education and dental care to the illegal immigrant people.




FOR HIMSELF AND HISSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:He didnt set himself up as perpetual Dictator-for-Life like Fidel did.
Reply:He had to with the povety that you have. And how can all that be better than having freedom. Guess you don't know about priorities in life.

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Just had a baby health visitor says get free dental care til baby 1 what do i do if dentist tryies to charge?

just tell them your rights

or you can alternatively claim the charge on the NHS filling in the form and giving the reasons for the claim

Just had a baby health visitor says get free dental care til baby 1 what do i do if dentist tryies to charge?
Tell the dentist when you book the appointment that you get free dental treatment because your child is under 1 year old. It would be illegal for him to charge you.

Also remember that as long as your course of treatment begins before your childs 1st birthday you will not be charged, even if it's not completed till after that date.

Congrats on the new baby. xx
Reply:u should show your maternity exemption card and they will not charge u.
Reply:In Australia the only way to get free dental care is through the public system, whatever country you live in I would ask the dental receptionist when booking whether or not they use the system you are talking about, better safe than in debt to a dentist for a few grand , good luck with your little one
Reply:a baby under 1 shouldn't need dental treatment if you baby has teething problems used over counter treatment from your local chemist, i.e bonjella, anbisol etc also try a teething ring
Reply:Your Health Visitor is right, you are entitled to free NHS treatment ONLY until your child is one years old.

When you visit the dentist you are required to sign the nhs registration form stating that you have had a baby in the last 12 months, during your pregnancy you may or may not have received a maternity exemption card, it's a small white card similar to a credit card in size, the dentist needs to take the exemption number from this card if you have one, if you don't have one ask your H/V how you go about applying for one.

One this form has been signed you are exempt from all NHS dental charges only, if you opt for any Private treatment you are not exempt and will be required to pay for any treatment that may be needed.

Before you make an appointment with the dentist it might be worth asking if they do actually offer nhs treatment and explain that you have maternity exemption, i have heard stories of some dentists actually charging new mothers as they are private and the maternity exemption doesn't cover them in this case!

Hope this helps
Reply:as long as you are been seen on the NHS he / she can't charge you, before you see the dentist make sure that you sigh a form a which s called FP17.

Once you sigh this you are them happy for your dentist to treat you under the NHS and it also make sure that you mark the box that Say's you have a have under 1 yrs old and you should also have a care that also Say's when you will have to start paying again unless you are on tax credit or some thing along them lines.

Billie RDN

Why don't Americans have a free healthcare\dental care system like Britain's NHS?

Can you not afford it?

Why don't Americans have a free healthcare\dental care system like Britain's NHS?
The only way that that any country pays for universal healthcare is to jack up the taxes. As it is, the U.S. is still trying to stick the free market approach instead of becoming socialist, given time, the U.S. may eventually switch over.
Reply:i bet its not free. some one has to pay for it.
Reply:I wish we did, because that would end so much strife over here, I would think. Medical care should be free, or at least not sooooo much.
Reply:We believe in working in this country. If you don't work, you shouldn't expect someone else to take care of you. Not like Europe, where they have those grueling 35 hour work weeks!
Reply:That's a very goood question----I ask it myself often. I'm sure our government can afford it--they just don't do it.

I, for one American, wish they would. It would almost be worth moving to some country that does have it. Thank you for asking the question. It will be interesting to see the responses.
Reply:Americans are held collectively at gun-point by corporations. They claim to be a democracy, but in fact their nation is a corporocracy: a state run by and for corporations. In such an environment, laws that dictate that corporations must always maximize their short-term shareholder profits translate directly into more human misery, and paradoxically far higher medical costs because treatment is vigourously discouraged.

I live in Canada, where universal healthcare is a fact and it costs far less than the American system. Access to universal healthcare has saved my life.
Reply:The fact of the matter is, health and dental care in the United States is a BUSINESS, and a way to make money, not a matter of caring for human beings. Profit is the only thing that matters.

Britain's NHS works beautifully. Yes, it is paid for by TAXES, however the cost of supplying PROFIT to greedy corporations is ELIMINATED, making the OVERALL cost of health care LESS.

I am a parolee in L.A county and free health care and dental care-can you suggest anything?

That’s funny that people are telling you to get a life when that’s what you’re trying to do. Anyway, I’ve included links to the LA free clinic, the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services, and (this one looks the best) Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The last link has a way for you to find out whether you are eligible for aid.

Once you have a little money, the least expensive way to get insurance is usually through your job. If you need private insurance, try

Good luck,


I am a parolee in L.A county and free health care and dental care-can you suggest anything?
Get a job you freeloader!, it is my tax money.
Reply:Get a life.

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