Monday, May 17, 2010

Where can I go for indigent dental care?

I am unemployed and have no insurance. Today, about a third of a molar broke off. Now it is rubbing my tounge and I want to just have it yanked out.

Where can I go for indigent dental care?
You may be qualified for some type of aid, like medicaid. If not, then google the list of dentist in your area and call them to ask how much it might be. Most will want to examine you before they tell you a price on pulling. If it broke off in the gums and its too difficult then you may need an oral surgeon. Only an x-ray can tell.

Some charity hospitals handle this type of thing to if you dont mind waiting serveral hours to be seen
Reply:health department will help you.


good luck
Reply:If you live near a college or university that has a dentistry program they often offer low-price or free dental treatment in their clinics. Good luck!
Reply:Contact your local dental society. Type the name of your state or closet city, "Atlanta Dental Society", "Indianapolis Dental Society". They will give you the names of dentists in your area that provide free and sliding scale services.

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